The Dance

It was now late on a Christmas morning.  The turkey was on and I had helped with it.  The potatoes were all cut up and starting to boil.  Tam, my fair maiden, had a Christmas CD on.  “Can I put my CD on?,” I asked.  It had been given to me for that Christmas and I was eager to hear it. 

“Yeah,” Tam replied, “but wait ’til I hear song #5.  It’s my favorite and I need my morning cry.”  I kind of chuckled but turned the CD player to track #5.  Tam got up to check some food and I grabbed the opportunity. 

I put my arms around her and began a slow dance.  “You really want to get me, don’t you,” she stated emotionally.  I tood her head and layed it into my shoulder and we danced.  I could hear her crying and tears came to my eyes.  At the end of the song I looked her in the eyes.  We both giggled at the relief of having a Christmas morning cry to a pretty song.  Tam cried to the song and I to her emotion.  It was beautiful.

Sometimes us knights have to make ourselves vulnerable to the emotion of our fair maiden.  It helps them to be undertood.

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christmas morn’

It was early in the morning on a winter’s day and I was awake.  I knew my fair maiden wanted me to retrieve all the goodies.  You see she had hidden them away for this special day and now they had become difficult to retrieve.  She asked me, Knight Mat, if I would fetch them.  We could barely see them but someone would have to infiltrate the forest.

(It was Christmas morning as I was to pass out the presents.  Several presents were in the back and I could not reach them.  Someone had to get them.)

There I stood.  I had gotten off my noble steed and stood looking at the problem.  Within the overgrowth of the forest I could see the goods.  I got down on my stomach and tried to slide my way in.  The branches scraped against my skin and so I returned.  Tam looked at me with a worried face as if to say, “What will we do?”  I looked back at her with all the confidence I could muster.  “I will do this,” I said.  She stood back.

(I tried to slide under the tree to fetch the presents.  The tree began to sway and I knew I would knock it over if it continued.)

Alright, this had to be done.  I got out my trusted sword and began removing the bottom branches along with the brush.  OK, now I could do it.  I got on my belly once more and slid myself along.  Some branches began to “reach for me.”  I grabbed them and moved them out of my way sliding even further in.  I could barely reach the goodies.  I began sliding them out and passed me so they would be reachable.  I slid back out, gathered the goods, and gave them to my fair maiden.  She had the biggest smile on her face and it was all worth it.  “Thank-you,” she said simply.  “I told you I would and now the day will be complete,” I replied with pride. 

(I had to grab the Christmas tree with my right hand and lean it over to the right.  I then slid passed the tree enough to slide the gifts out.  The family was happy I retrieved the rest of them.  Tam gave me a reassuring smile that said, “I’m glad you didn’t knock down the tree while you were at it.”  I knew she was grateful it was taken care of.)

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0UT OF 2010, Matt

This is not a new adventure!  I, Mat, married Tam on May 11, 1992.  We have been at this adventure for over 18 years.  This year, however seems like it will be a new adventure.  You see Tam and I have come through many difficulties in 2010 and 2011 will continue a healing process for us.   I have chosen to see it as an adventure.

I can be a hero to Tam if I choose to.  I can be that man who chooses to do what’s best for her, the one I love.  I can choose to see this as the adventure it was made to be.  I can be the knight in shining armour who rescues the fair Tam whenever she is in distress.  Or I can win her affections with my daring feats of bravery.  (looking forward to that)

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